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Project: offline steel bar counter


For an iron&steel company, sometimes it's nessesary to count the steel bars before wrapping them up. Say, the clients might want 100 pieces a bunch, then you gotta wrap them properly. You wrap 102 a bunch, you pay for 2 pieces, while you wrap 98 a bunch, you lose your job permanently.
As in before, these jobs are done manually by several people, each one take a peil of paint and count the bars one by one, using a brush to mark them.
We make things simple. With a hand-held computer and a web camera, we snap a picture of these bars, draw a blue line to circle out the bars that you wanna count and our system count the steel bars automatically.

The project is closed and the system works perfectly in Lian Yuan iron&steel company.

This is a snapshot of our software. I add a small zoom window on the right, so users can zoom in and zoom out to check if the counting result is right.


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