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VMM: registeration of images. smartnose 09/18/2006
Visual (or Vision?) Measuring Machine: Recognition Refined By Iterated Fitting smartnose 09/18/2006
Visual Measuring Machine: Geometry Recognition smartnose 07/18/2006
Dating with Microsoft Research Asia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smartnose 12/06/2005
Multi-target counting based on image sequence fusion smartnose 11/03/2005
HT and RHT smartnose 10/10/2005
Project: Recognize this? smartnose 05/10/2005
Project: online steel bar counter smartnose 04/21/2005
Project: ceramic tile quality checking system smartnose 04/19/2005
Project: Measuring the length of pipes smartnose 04/28/2005
Project: offline steel bar counter smartnose 05/06/2005

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