Visual Measuring Machine: Geometry Recognition 

Visual Measuring Machine: Geometry Recognition

I'm now working on a Visual Measuring Machine. It's something like an automatic microscope.

With a powerful optical system, it can zoom the image for many times. After snapping a picture, a user would point out which edge he/she wants to measure, then the software system needs to recognize the simple geometries like lines and circles in the picture and locate their end points.

After obtaining these metrics in pixels, its real length could be computed using the scale factor.

The user can, of course, manually point out the line on this picture, but that would be a boring task. As the targets being measured are usually small and are manufactured according to CAD scripts. So, a vectorization of the picture is often desired and eligible.

The development has 2 stages:
1. recognize lines and circles. To aid user with recognition power.
2. implement a full-scaled vectorization feature and using CAD data to check the vectorization result automatically. This would be a very useful feature. After a product is manufatured, its every edge and surface is reconstructed with the system and compared with its original design for deficiency.

The first stage is almost done. It's relatively easy, anyway, here's the pictures.

1. the source image

2. after canny filtering

3. edge tracking ( to extract edge points chosen by the user)

4. The result edge with endpoints

src.jpg edge.jpg
outter.jpg inner.jpg

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Comment I am interesting in this project. Now i am working for detection the circles and defected circle.But i accountered some difficultiy. I hope that i have the chance to communicate with you. thanks elly

Tue Sep 12, 2006 10:38 pm MST by elly

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